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Why Should I Train the dog?

As a dog owner it becomes your obligation to ensure that; your dog is not a nuisance to the neighborhood, that your dog does not cause an unsafe status within your community. (In most areas that is the law.)

But why should you train your dog? Why spend money and go to a class environment for an hour a week and listen to someone tell you what to do with that dog? Really now, how are you suppose to fit that time into your schedule when you just got home from work, dinner needs to be thrown together, so the kids can be taken to their various sports activities and then you need to run errands before you pick them back up. And then, there are all those games /events / social functions on the weekends …….

What, no kids, they’re all grown and left the nest? Oh, you haven’t started a nest? But there’s the group get-together on whatever night and then there’s this and that that needs to be done or gone to. And let’s not forget those Friday nights, with the late rising on Saturday so it can be done all over again on Saturday night!

No more excuses! I could go on forever with all the excuses that I’ve heard. The fact is, you now have a new member to your home, the puppy. The cute little bundle of fur known as the German Shepherd Dog, that you bought (as a joint effort with your family) to be "the family pet". You distinctly told the breeder that you had no intentions of showing this dog, that you just wanted a pet, a family pet, a companion, a dog that will bark when a stranger comes to the house, a companion that you can take for walks or jogging or for rides in the truck or car. Remember saying that?

You chose the German Shepherd Dog because they are intelligent, protective and make excellent companions.

Now six to nine months into this relationship, you have several sneakers, shoes or items of value (that you left insight of your dog) that have been chewed-up. Your screen door has been repaired twice and now has duct-tape on it as well as the front seat of your vehicle. Your chiropractor and you are on a first name bases and when your children’s friends or other company visit (if you still have any left) the dog is put in the basement or out in the garage. The mailperson and all other strangers that come to your door never have to ring the doorbell since you can't hear it over all the barking. And then there are all those holes in your yard! And the jumping, OMG the dog jumps on everyone and everything!

I guess it’s time to call the breeder and find out what happened. What is wrong with this dog? Or maybe it was a bad idea to get a dog in the first place and maybe the breeder will take it back (because someone in the household has now developed allergies).

The fact is, YOU purchased a dog, a German Shepherd Dog, because of its intelligence, protectiveness and companionship and YOU are responsible to train / educate YOUR dog to live up to YOUR expectations.

The dog will chew and dig out of boredom. It will bark at strangers (all strangers) because that is one of the reasons you wanted this dog. It will try to get back into the house because that is where you and the family are and you wanted a companion. The dog does not understand what a screen door is or what the costs are for repairs. The same applies to the seat in your car, to them, your scent is there and chewing the seat is helping to past the time while you’re gone!

Do you feel insulted, as if I am picking on you? Yes? Well good. I now have your attention.

Next step, find an obedience class, enroll yourself and the dog and start attending classes.

Basic classes are designed to teach YOU how to read your dog’s body language, how to understand YOUR dog’s needs, how to communicate with YOUR dog to get the desired response. (Your dog already knows how to read your body language and communicate to you.) While you are there your instructor will have you practice with your dog, what they have explained in class so they can see if you understand how to relate to your dog when you get home. During the week you can practice what you have learned in class.

What are the benefits? Besides the one on one relationship you develop while at class and at home while practicing, you have a dog that listens, you begin to have a happy household, your expenses for repairs and replacements will decrease, you may start to see friends and family come to visit more while your dog hangs out with you and you may also want to invite your chiropractor over since you no longer visit them at their office.

Training is not just for those who plan to show their dog. Training is for all dogs and all dog owners so that you can have a positive relationship!

You owe it to your dog to be as committed to the relationship of "dog-ownership" as your dog is committed to you as a companion

Created March 2009
Updated  August 28, 2010

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